Browser Client


A Browser Client app is a web app that uses the @interopio/browser library to connect to io.Connect. A Browser Client app can't configure the io.Connect environment and expects that this is already handled by the Main app.

It's strongly recommended that the @interopio/browser library be initialized as a starting step for the app, so that it's discovered and registered as a Browser Client by the Main app and the other Browser Client apps as soon as possible. The @interopio/browser library must not be initialized more than once, because doing so will result in rejecting the initialization and throwing an error. Possible reasons for initialization rejection may be incorrect configuration or if the app wasn't opened by another io.Connect app.

A Browser Client app can be opened by the Main app and can also spawn its own child apps and windows. The child apps don't depend on the parent Browser Client app - their connection to io.Connect is routed directly through the Main app and therefore they will continue to function properly even if the parent app has been closed.

For information on how to initialize the @interopio/browser library and use io.Connect APIs in JavaScript, React and Angular apps, see the respective sections.