io.Connect Browser 3.0

Release date: 17.10.2023

Versions of all main and additional libraries of io.Connect Browser for the current release:

Library Version
@interopio/browser 3.0
@interopio/browser-platform 3.0
@interopio/browser-worker 3.0
@interopio/home-ui-react 1.0
@interopio/intents-resolver-api 2.0
@interopio/ng 4.0
@interopio/react-hooks 3.0
@interopio/search-api 2.0
@interopio/workspaces-api 3.0
@interopio/workspaces-ui-react 3.0
@interopio/fdc3 2.0

⚠️ Note that this is the first release of the io.Connect Browser platform. The previous Glue42 Core and Glue42 Core+ versions of the platform are deprecated. For details on how to migrate to the new platform, see the Migrating to io.Connect Browser section.