Requirements & Compatibility


The only requirement for users of your io.Connect Browser project is a modern browser. No additional software is required.

Developing an io.Connect Browser project requires:

  • general JavaScript knowledge;
  • general web development knowledge;

To start exploring the rich list of features provided by io.Connect Browser, visit the Quick Start and Capabilities sections.


The following table lists the minimum versions of the most popular browsers necessary to ensure compatibility with the various io.Connect APIs or some of their specific features:

io.Connect API Browser Versions
Base APIs (App Management, Intents, Shared Contexts, Channels, Interop, Window Management) Chrome 5+, Edge 12+, Firefox 41+, Safari 5+, Opera 11.5+, IE 10+
Workspaces Chrome 61+, Edge 79+, Firefox 91+, Safari 13+, Opera 48+, IE N/A
Layouts (save and restore of Global Layouts) Chrome 100+, Edge 100+, Firefox N/A, Safari N/A, Opera 86+, IE N/A
Notifications (with actions) Chrome 42+, Edge 17+, Firefox 44+, Safari 16+, Opera 29+, IE N/A
Notifications (without actions) Chrome 20+, Edge 14+, Firefox 22+, Safari 7+, Opera 23+, IE N/A