Frequently Asked Questions

io.Connect Browser enables web apps to share data between each other, expose functionality and manipulate windows. Read more about io.Connect Browser in the What is io.Connect Browser? section or visit the official product site.

You can use all io.Connect Browser libraries as dependencies in your projects. You don't need to install anything else in order to be able to use io.Connect Browser. An io.Connect Browser project in production runs directly in any modern browser and doesn't require the user to install any additional software.

With io.Connect Browser you can enable your web apps to share data between each other and expose functionality to one another. Your apps will also be able to control window behavior. Read more about what io.Connect Browser can do in the Capabilities section.

io.Connect Browser exposes JavaScript APIs, but also offers lightweight React and Angular wrappers that allow developers to use io.Connect Browser features idiomatically in the context of their preferred web framework.

An io.Connect Browser project consists of a Main app using the @interopio/browser-platform library and multiple Browser Client apps using the @interopio/browser library. To use io.Connect Browser in your projects, you must learn how to initialize and configure both libraries. See the Quick Start section for a quick and easy project setup.

The Browser Platform provides the means for communication between the client apps and also acts as a hub from which the user can access all client apps.

A Browser Client app in the context of io.Connect Browser is any web app that has initialized the @interopio/browser library and is connected to a Main app.

See a complete io.Connect Browser demo project here, or see and experiment with the example mini apps demonstrating io.Connect Browser functionalities in the Capabilities section.

Go to the Quick Start section to see how to quickly and easily set up and run an io.Connect Browser project.

Yes, there are complete and detailed JavaScript, React and Angular tutorials about io.Connect Browser.

Yes, there is React documentation and a React tutorial available for io.Connect Browser.

Yes, there is Angular documentation and an Angular tutorial available for io.Connect Browser.

io.Connect Browser targets web-based projects (primarily Progressive Web Apps), while io.Connect Desktop supports also native apps. io.Connect Browser offers all essential tools for sharing data between apps and controlling window behavior. io.Connect Desktop provides advanced window management options, additional Application Adapters for third-party apps, and many other features and APIs. For more details about the available io.Connect Desktop features, see the Capabilities section of the io.Connect Desktop documentation.

Yes, you can use seamlessly both io.Connect Desktop and io.Connect Browser in your projects. For more details, see the Capabilities > Connectivity to io.Connect Desktop section.

Yes, an io.Connect Browser project is completely compatible with io.Connect Desktop. For more details, see the Connectivity to io.Connect Desktop > Migrating to io.Connect Desktop section.