io.Manager is a server-side app that provides data to io.Connect (apps, Layouts, preferences) and allows monitoring and interacting with users running io.Connect.

It also includes an Admin UI that helps managing the data stored in io.Manager easier.


The io.Manager consists of three components:

  • the actual server - a Node.js app;
  • Admin UI - a React app;
  • MongoDB database;


App Store

The io.Manager provides an app definition store that can be used by io.Connect Desktop and io.Connect Browser projects to retrieve the list of apps for the current user.

Layout Store

The io.Manager is a Layout store from where common or private user Layouts can be fetched for io.Connect Desktop and io.Connect Browser projects.

App Preferences Store

The io.Manager is an app preferences store where any app running in io.Connect Desktop can store custom data per user and retrieve it later.

Configurations Store

The io.Manager can host and supply all configuration files for io.Connect Desktop. Different versions of the configuration files can be provided for different versions of io.Connect Desktop.


The io.Manager comes with an Admin UI which offers the following functionalities:

  • Command Center - send commands to specific user sessions for getting logs, triggering page refresh, restarting the desktop client or even executing custom code;
  • Feedback and Native Crashes - monitor, review and comment user Feedback and Native Crashes reports;
  • User Monitoring - monitor users and their sessions (current and closed), inspect their hardware setup;