Fidessa provides solutions for the entire investment life-cycle. Fidessa apps can now be integrated with other in-house/vendor apps in order to produce a more efficient financial desktop. Automatic data synchronization between Fidessa and other apps eliminates the risk of copy/paste errors and dramatically reduces task completion times.

The Fidessa Adapter provides integration between Fidessa apps and interop-enabled apps. It uses the Fidessa WebSocket API specification.

When the Fidessa Adapter is running, the Fidessa Tracking Groups and the io.Connect Channels are synchronized automatically. Each Fidessa Tracking Group is mapped to a respective io.Connect Channel. This means that when a user clicks an instrument in a Fidessa app, all interop-enabled apps that are on the Channel corresponding to that Fidessa Tracking Group will also start showing data about the clicked instrument and vice versa. For example, you can have a Fidessa app showing real time market data about instruments and an in-house data chart app that shows detailed information about an instrument. The chart app is specifically designed for the needs of your company and you want to integrate it with the Fidessa apps. Your development team needs to write only a few lines of code in order to interop-enable the chart app and modify it to work with the io.Connect Channels.

The Fidessa Adapter can be used together with the Bloomberg Adapter in order to achieve syncing data between Fidessa, Bloomberg and all interop-enabled apps.

⚠️ Note that the Fidessa Adapter is an optional component of io.Connect Desktop and isn't available in the public trial installer. To find out more about the Fidessa Adapter, contact us.


The Fidessa Adapter works with all versions of the Fidessa "Managed Enterprise" Trading Platform that support the WebSocket API:

  • v2018.2.25 and up;
  • v2019.8.5 and up;
  • v2020.2.1 and up;