What is io.Connect Desktop?

Benefits for End Users

At the simplest level, io.Connect Desktop enables communication between windows from separate apps. This approach allows you to enjoy a more efficient workflow by having the right steps for the process delivered at the right time.

By integrating io.Connect Desktop in your organization's business processes, you can accomplish drastic increase in productivity by greatly reducing the time and effort necessary for the completion of day-to-day tasks. By choosing io.Connect Desktop, you will avoid the burdensome and financially challenging task of having new apps developed or existing apps modified for your organization.

Unified User Interface

Many apps, receiving and displaying data from multiple sources and working together within a unified user interface, which provides you with the look and feel of a single app.

App Context Synchronization

Enabling apps to sync with each other in order to display contextually relevant data. For example, when a user interacts with one window, other apps update their info to match the user's selection.

Unified Notifications

io.Connect Desktop can get notifications from other systems and deliver them in a single unified window, which further facilitates the daily workflow and task organization. Notifications can be prioritized and can also be customized to include user action suggestions so that you can open (with a single click!) the app or set of apps needed to handle the specific situation.

A single search bar in an existing app that enables searches across other systems (across existing apps and backend services) and provides a single set of results. Finding relevant information is now an easy task, you no longer need to go through the trouble of searching through multiple apps or systems one at a time.

Extending Apps

Toolbars or windows can be added to one app, which allows you to view and interact with data from another app. For example, viewing CRM data in Outlook or streaming data from a third-party source, such as the Reuters Eikon.

Seamless Legacy Migration

With io.Connect Desktop it is possible for a modern web app to use parts of a legacy system, or vice versa. This means replacements of legacy systems can start small by using io.Connect Desktop to deliver each piece of legacy app functionality until it is fully migrated.

User Experience Monitoring

With the io.Insights tool you can follow and evaluate the user journey in order to monitor function usage, time spent in each app, navigation patterns through the app sets. This allows you to further improve the user experience and productivity by acting on the comprehensive metrics data at your disposal.

Remote Configuration & Permissions

With io.Connect Desktop you can have remote app definition management, allowing real-time configuration changes, app restrictions and versioning. You can restrict the access of specific user groups to certain apps, for example, or you can even deliver different versions to them.

Benefits for Developers

Componentized Development & Delivery

By utilizing UX integration with io.Connect Desktop, developers can build new functionalities one piece at a time. This means that different teams can work on different pieces of functionality at the same time, with their own schedules. This is a truly agile approach to development.

Code Reuse

No, really - we mean it!! With io.Connect Desktop, code reuse isn't just a dream. UI Integration allows developers to reuse existing functionalities in new apps. Developers can easily reuse io.Connect components developed by other teams. For example, one team creates an io.Connect component that displays stock prices from a third-party system inside a CRM system. This component can be reused in another project, by another team, say, to display stock prices in Excel.

DevOps Release Process

Release rapidly and often, with low risk. io.Connect Desktop allows developers to release quickly and often due to the componentized nature of the io.Connect Desktop platform. The risk is low as the io.Connect Window is using existing code from legacy to third-party systems. In addition, io.Connect allows the rollback of io.Connect apps, further lowering the risk. In fact, you can release different versions of an app to different users depending on their permissions.

Rich Functionality

You have a wide range of io.Connect functionalities at your disposal, which offers you great flexibility in developing your apps. See the io.Connect Capabilities section for extensive information on the different APIs that are available for implementing data sharing between apps, as well as for advanced window management.

Metrics & User Feedback

Rapid release of new versions obviously means faster user feedback, but io.Connect Desktop also provides metrics and developer tools for monitoring app performance, which makes it easy to debug problems.

Use Existing Apps

io.Connect Desktop harnesses the underlying power of existing apps, such as Microsoft Office, Bloomberg Terminal, Salesforce, NetSuite, and more.